Bob the Racer is a game made by Toon10.
Bob the Builder Racing Game

How to playEdit

Click the PLAY button to get started and wait for the game to load. When the picture of Bob shows up, click the play button. You can choose your language if you come from a different country or if you have a different language. Then, you choose either Roley, Scoop or Lofty to race with. Click the machine you'd like to play as. Hold down the N key to use your Nitro Booster. Press the R key to start over. There are 10 levels, but if you haven't played this game before, you will have to play Level 1 if you want to unlock the rest of the levels. Press the up arrow key to make your vehicle go forward. Press the down arrow key to make your vehicle reverse. If you come in second or third, you lose and you don't make it to the next round. Never give up! If you use your Nitro Booster to overtake the two machines, you will find yourself winning. The yellow circles mean that they are the opponents of the race. The red circle means that you are the machine you're playing as. If you come first place, you win and move on to the next round. Collect coins along the way and make sure your machine moves on to the next round! When all races are done, you click the main menu button.