Bobsville Build Game is a Bob the Builder: Project: Build It game.
Bob the Builder Bobsville Build Game

How to playEdit

Your missionEdit

Bob and his team are moving to Sunflower Valley. There has been lots of building material left around Bobsville. Can you help Bob the Builder colliect it all up and get the vehicles to Sunflower Valley? The fun is in getting it done!

Safe AreaEdit

Use the vehicle to pick up the scattered items [you can only pick one up at a time]. Then quickly deliver them to the safe area away from naughty Spud who will try to grab items from you. Each time you drop off an item in the safe area you'll get a Sunflower Point!


Watch out for Spud! who will try to grab the item from you. Spud is not allowed in the safe area so you will be safe there. Drive over the "Talkie Talkies" to call for Wendy and Pilchard who will come to help.


Use the left and right arrow keys to direct Bob.

Go to a vehicle and get in.

Drive over objects to pick them up.

Press space bar to drop an object off in the safe area.


  1. Help Bob collect the bricks.
  1. Help Bob gather the sand.
  1. Help Bob find the tools.
  1. Help Bob gather all the vehicles.

Each level lasts 2 minutes.