Diggin Rigs Play-Doh Stories is a compilation of episodes from The Adventures of Chuck & Friends.
Diggin rigs


  1. Troublesome No More
  2. Spencer's Accident
  3. The Storm
  4. Percy's Accident


Troublesome No MoreEdit

The Troublesome Trucks are being troublesome to the engines at Brendam Docks, and Sir Topham Hatt fetches the engines' friend Chomper; a green excavator. He teaches the trucks a lesson by stacking them up in piles.

Spencer's AccidentEdit

New Percy and New James were having fun riding around the new Trackmaster track. Old Spencer tries out the track, but his wheels weren't modified. Then, some of his coal landed on the wooden sleepers and soon they caught fire. Flynn & Belle were called, like Spencer they hadn't had their wheels modified. Sir Topham Hatt called Play-Doh Diggin' Rigs Boomer the Fire Truck; a huge red fire engine to reach the fire on the bridge.

The StormEdit

There was a storm on Sodor, and the engines were sheltered inside their sheds. The storm wripped trees and signals off the ground and a large tree fell on the electricity and cut the power to the town. There was a mess and Jack & the rescue team were called. Then Jack cleared away the debris so Thomas can get past. Some he managed, some he didn't. Then, Sir Topham Hatt called Sam the Bulldozer; a dark blue scooper to shift the rest of the debris off the tracks.

Percy's AccidentEdit

All the engines and buses on Sodor are working hard. Percy found he couldn't go that fast up the slope to get to the bridge because of his heavy Troublesome Trucks. Then Percy landed off the rails and the rescue team were sent to help him. They got Percy back on the track again and there was a hole in the road. Sir Topham Hatt called his Diggin' Rig friends Diggin' Rigs Chomper; a green excavator to fix the bridge, Chuck; a red pint-size dump truck to bring a load of chippings to fill the nasty hole and Rolland; a yellow steamroller started to roll the chipping to make the road nice, flat and repaired.

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Thomas And Friends Play Doh Diggin Rigs Accident Crash Rescue Stories Bus Helicopter Fire Engine

Thomas And Friends Play Doh Diggin Rigs Accident Crash Rescue Stories Bus Helicopter Fire Engine