Mater is a tow truck from the movie Cars.

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Tow Mater (or simply called Mater) is a tow truck from the film Cars and Cars 2 who regarded Lightning McQueen as his best friend. He loves rescuing cars from danger and breakdowns, saying "Dad gum!", going tractor tipping and driving backwards. Grandad Dog chose him when Timmy broke down in "Grandad Dog Gets A New Truck". He has a series all to himself who is the protagonist of called "Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales". He appears in all Pixar Cars video and PC games. He loves to call Lightning McQueen his "buddy". He has a song about Radiator Springs sung by him. He made friends with his love interest Holley Shiftwell and British Aston Martin DB5 spy Finn McMissile. His catchphrases are "Git R' Done!", "My name's Mater. Like tuh-Mater, but without the tuh!", "Dad gum!", "Shoot!", "That was fu-u-u-u-u-u-un!" and "I tell you what, it don't get much better than this!". He was the one giving Brazillian race car Carla Veloso her very own lucky charm in "Count on Carla". He is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy in the films.


  • His voice appears on his own album: Mater's Car Tunes, as well as Lightning McQueen's Fast Tracks.
  • It might be unknown in Cars 2 why he is enemies with Francesco Bernoulli.
  • One of his catchphrases: "Git R' Done!" is his voice actor's signature phrase.