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Peppa and George Stories is a collection of episodes and surprise egg reviews from Peppa Pig. ToyTrains4u created it.


  1. George and the Dragon (episode)
  2. Peppa's Game Show (episode)
  3. Peppa's Lollipops (review)
  4. Peppa's Shapes (episode)
  5. Peppa's Shiny Eggs (review)
  6. Peppa Goes Fishing (episode)
  7. Naughty George - Help! (episode)


George and the DragonEdit

Prince George wanted to keep the dragon at the castle, but Mummy Pig said he was far too dangerous. George hides the dragon nearby, but it had other ideas! Was it a dream or real?

Peppa's Game ShowEdit

Lalaloopsy hosts Peppa's Game Show, with the contestants being Peppa and Zoë. There are lots of animals all over the Island of Sodor. If each character finds one animal, they will gets a point! After they found them, both Zoë and Peppa have 2 points. The final round is to guess who's inside the animal. If each character got one question wrong, they will not score a point. If each character gets it right, they will score a point.

Peppa's LollipopsEdit

Peppa helps Elmo open some Play-Doh surprise lollipops.

Peppa's ShapesEdit

Grandpa Pig has made a game for both Peppa & George to find some shapes. They have to hunt for some shapes all around the Island of Sodor. This episode is about learning the shapes.

Peppa's Shiny EggsEdit

Peppa opens some shiny milk chocolate surprise eggs.

Peppa Goes FishingEdit

Peppa and Rebecca Rabbit go fishing. They will catch some Play-Doh fish under the ocean. The 2 friends will take the fish on one of James' trucks and then they will open the fish.

Naughty George - Help!Edit

Peppa and George are going on a picnic and were taking a ride on Thomas. When Thomas stopped to refill, naughty George went into the boat and found himself stuck on the boat. The Minions help save George.

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Peppa Pig English Episodes with George and Thomas and Friends Also Play Doh and Funny Minions

Peppa Pig English Episodes with George and Thomas and Friends Also Play Doh and Funny Minions